These are pledges, there to help us achieve our vision by making sure the things that are really important remain the focus of our work.

Put customers first

Be ambitious

Value and support staff

Provide value for money

Get it right first time

Listen and learn

Use evidence to shape services

Simplify, strengthen and share processes

Support councillors as strategic leaders

We focus on what’s important

  • Understand our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Understand the organisations priorities
  • Are open to change
  • Provide an efficient service
  • Evaluate our performance, continue to improve

We take pride in our work

  • Take personal responsibility
  • Meet deadlines and do what we say we will
  • Are committed to our customers
  • Strive to do it right first time
  • Continually learn and develop

We value others

  • Are open minded, without prejudice
  • Respect and value other people’s opinions
  • Work well with team members, services, partners
  • Listen to feedback and act on it
  • Speak up, openly, candidly and respectfully

We make a positive difference

  • Want to help, know when to ask
  • Are motivated and empowered to do our jobs with confidence
  • Use resources wisely and innovatively
  • Respond to customers’ needs
  • Constructively support and challenge